Flamingo in Paradise


Focal Length – 420mm

Shutter Speed – 1/800s

ISO – 800

Aperture – f/8

The Story

Tubli Bay in Bahrain is home to the Kingdom’s largest reserve of birdlife, specifically waders and shorebirds. The habitat is also one of the few spots on the island where Greater Flamingos can be sighted during the winter. However, the reserve is under threat of contamination by the dumping of sewage, and destruction due to the construction of residential buildings and industrialization.

My first visit to Tubli Bay was quite memorable. I arrived at the reserve before sunrise and the tide was just starting to recede. I tried to cautiously approach the birds by moving slowly and in a zig-zag pattern, but I failed miserably and ended up spooking most of the adult Flamingos away. Trying to brush my failure aside, I decided to photograph the very skittish Kentish and Ringed plovers. While I successfully captured a few shots of the plovers, my main target for the morning, the flamingos, remained distant and unapproachable. Bemoaning my terrible luck, I started packing my camera bag when I saw a lone juvenile flamingo make its way towards me. While juveniles lack the beautiful pink plumage that’s present on adult birds, they are usually inquisitive and can be very interesting subjects on their own. So when I saw the sun-lit bird walk into an area where the water displayed various shades of purple, blue, and orange, I quickly grabbed my camera, set the exposure, and shot a few frames, capturing the scene in all its glory. The morning mission was a success! The plovers weren’t bad either.

Greater Flamingos at Tubli Bay

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