House Sparrow at Sunset

In our search for resplendence, we tend to lose sight of beauty that is right in front of our eyes, and we never know the value of something until it’s gone. The global population of Sparrows is decreasing at an alarming rate, with a drop of an estimated 150 million birds over the past 30 years. This rate is set to only increase as we progress with our reckless deforestation and urbanization.¬†Soon, the world will be devoid of yet another friendly species. When will we ever learn?


Focal Length – 420mm

Shutter Speed – 1/1,250s

Aperture – f/5.6

ISO – 1,000

I shot this image through thick vegetation and into the setting sun. The reeds occupy some of the negative space around the bird and actually frame it quite nicely, while the sun provides some much-needed drama and mood to the scene. The idea behind this shot was to convey the plight of the sparrows and the setting sun symbolizes the end of the road for this species. The thought of a world without sparrows is depressing and heart-wrenching. But the fight’s not over yet. We can still help the birds thrive by providing shelter and nesting sites (bird houses, hedges, crevices), food, and water. By making a concerted effort to save the species, we could prevent another mass extinction, the magnitude of which would have disastrous consequences on ecological balance and the environment.


Focal Length – 300mm

Shutter Speed – 1/1,250s

Aperture – f/4

ISO – 1,800

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